In the highly crowded horticultural arena at "The Westland" Anaco and  Greeve Citrus merged companies in 2002. Both companies had been in the fruit and vegetables industry since 1975and built good reputations. Anaco Greeve & International BV is located at the  Agriculture Business Center in  Poeldijk and is a partner for trade and retail adding value for both suppliers and customers.


Anaco & Greeve has 2 locations on the ABC Westland Poeldijk with  a total of 11,000 mē floor space. Our specialized team provides a worldwide continuous import of the best quality products which are marketed and distributed from the two locations. Anaco & Greeve  supplies a wide range of top quality products to the wholesale, retail and processing industries. A range of supply programs for the retail trade are available.

 In summary: Anaco Greeve International is a reliable and flexible partner in the international fruit and vegetable industry, specialized in overseas products. With Anaco Greeve International you can count on good service, reliability and the best products. Customers come first and we deliver the right products, at the right place and at the right time.

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