Anaco Greeve International market distribute tomatoes through the  year. With the supply from various countries including the Netherlands, we can program and supply top quality tomatoes around the year. Our buyers select growers who cultivate their product with love so quality is guaranteed. By focusing on quality both our suppliers and our customers are  satisfied.

During the summer we procure our tomatoes from Dutch greenhouses, these  are as well round as well vine tomatoes. The growers come from the region and are members of a growers association. We provide daily fresh products under the brand Roxy (medium size vine tomatoes), Alexia (big vine tomatoes) and Red Allure (round tomatoes).

For already many years in the winter we source tomatoes from the  Canary Islands, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Las Palmas. The volcanic soil on which these tomatoes grow give them a full extra flavor which many people appreciate highly.

In the winter months we also have daily supplies from selected growers in Spain and Morocco. Of course, all producers meet the required European quality standards.

You will be happy if you buy tomatoes from Anaco Greeve!

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